Doctor Slick natural elm bark extract cork grease. 4g lipstick style tube.

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Instrument: Basset Horn,Clarinet in C,Piccolo A♭ Clarinet,Piccolo,Clarinet in B♭,Clarinet in A,Clarinet in E♭,German clarinet in B♭,Bass Clarinet,Alto Clarinet,Contra Bass Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Sopranino Saxophone,Bass Saxophone,Mini Bassoon,Short Reach Bassoon,Bassoon,Contra Bassoon,Oboe,Cor Anglais,Descant (Soprano) Recorder,Treble (Alto) Recorder,Tenor Recorder,Bass Recorder,Sopranino Recorder,Garklein Recorder,Great Bass Recorder
Doctor Slick Natural Elm Bark Cork Grease, based on elm bark extracts, in a 'lip balm' style tube.

A 'lipstick' style cork grease to use on saxophone mouthpiece cork and clarinet tenon joints.

We suggest you occasionally use a cloth to remove any excessive buildup of grease and dirt on the joint before applying a new layer of cork grease.
Doctor Slick
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Additional Info

Manufacturer / Brand Doctor Slick
Variant Dr Slick natural elm bark