Gonzalez For our Friends clarinet reeds 3.25 (Strength 3.25)

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Instrument: B♭ Clarinet
Gonzalez For our Friends clarinet reeds

For our Friends (FOF) was meant for clarinetists that need a reed with a darker sound. They are made following an “American” cut. This cane is made of premium quality on a segment of 3.6 mm. It is rectified to 3.18 mm, resulting in a darker sound. The material is stored to age for at least 4 years before its manufacture.

Because of its deeply carved shoulders, the reed is completely released in the lower register. A heart with higher density allows the player to attack the high notes with ease and refinement.
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Also available in strengths: 2.25 , 2.5 , 2.75 , 3 , 3.25 , 3.5 , 4
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Additional Info

Manufacturer/Brand Gonzalez
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