Kooiman Forza Ergonomic Saxophone Thumbrest

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The Kooiman Forza is part of a range of thumbrests designed to make playing feel more comfortable, it allows a more relaxed thumb position which in turn allows better movement of the fingers of the right hand making it easier to play faster phrases, also helping to avoid physical problems associated with playing.

The Forza thumbrest is designed to support the thumb ergonomically, not push it downwards like a traditional thumb hook can. Through this design, the thumb is held higher and is either straight or slightly bent and does not 'sag'. The angle is easily changed through the hinge on the left and the adjustment screw on the right, to match your ideal playing position.

It is a durable design and the shiny finish will not detract from the overall appearance of your instrument.
The Forza is quick to install (instructions are supplied!) on most soprano, alto and tenor saxophones if already equipped with a detachable metal or plastic hook. Our pictures show the removal of the existing thumbrest on the saxophone, the attaching of the Forza using the original thumbrest screw, and the installed Forza thumbrest.
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