LefreQue 33mm Tone Enhancer in various metals

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Instrument: Flute,Bass Flute in C,Clarinet in B♭,Clarinet in A,Clarinet in E♭,Bass Clarinet,Contra Bass Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Bass Saxophone,Trumpet in B♭
The lefreQue is a sound bridge that will make all wind instruments sound better. It consists of a bridge that is built up by two metal elements that will repair the sound breaches that occur between different parts of a wind instrument. You can put the lefreQue on an instrument using the specially developed elastic bands, you do not need to change anything on the instrument itself.

The manufacturer describes the available models as follows:

Brass - Clear, a lot of 'core' in the tone and fast response.

Red Brass - A rounder sound plus the above.

Silver plated - Will provide a more brilliant sound as the silver plating adds tremendously to your overtone spectrum. The tone attacks quicker and is weightier than with the brass version.

Combi - (Silver plated combined with solid silver) - See silver plated but with even more mass, speed, brilliance and increased flexibility in dynamics.

Solid silver - Pure, warm sound abounding with overtones and almost 'stereo-like' sound image around the player.

Gold plated - All of the above but in all respects superlative. More creaminess and fluent tone production.
Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer / Brand LefreQue
Accessory Group Extras