lefreQue 33mm Plates. Gold Plated Red Brass.

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Instrument: Flute,Bass Flute in C,Clarinet in B♭,Clarinet in A,Clarinet in E♭,Bass Clarinet,Tenor Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Sopranino Saxophone,Bass Saxophone,Trumpet in B♭
The lefreQue is a simple sound bridge that will make a wind instrument sound better. It consists of a bridge that is built up by two metal plates over the joints of an instrument. The plates help to maintain the sound vibrations as they travel down the instrument, which can be lost at each join in the otherwise seamless tube. You can attach lefreQue on to an instrument using a band; you do not need to change anything on the instrument itself.
33mm: For Saxophones, Flutes, Clarinets, Cornets, Trumpets & Trombones.

When purchasing Lefreque plates, please also purchase the appropriate size of band to attach the plates to your instrument:
Soprano sax: 33mm plates - 45mm band
Alto sax: 33 or 41mm plates - 55mm band
Flute, first joint: 33 or 41mm plates - 70mm band
Flute, foot joint: 33 or 41mm plates - flute band
Piccolo: 55mm plates - 55mm band or piccolo band
Clarinet, first and second joints: 33mm plates - 85mm band
Clarinet, bell joint: 33 or 41mm plates - 85mm band
Trumpet and French Horn: 33mm plates - 45mm band or 41mm plates - 55mm band
Tuba and Trombone: 41mm plates - 55mm band
Oboe: double reed plates - oboe band
Cor Anglais: double reed plates - cor anglais band
Bassoon, first joint: double reed plates - bassoon first joint band
Bassoon, fourth joint: double reed plates - bassoon fourth joint band
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Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer / Brand LefreQue
Variant Gold Plated Red Brass
Accessory Group Extras