Korg MA1 Digital Metronome - Red & Black

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Instrument: Flute,Bass Flute in C,Piccolo,Clarinet in B♭,Clarinet in A,Clarinet in E♭,Bass Clarinet,Contra Bass Clarinet,Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Sopranino Saxophone,Bass Saxophone,Trumpet in B♭ ,Baritone Horn in B♭,Euphonium in B♭
An excellent value, multi functional Digital Metronome from Korg.

Features include: Choice of tempo steps ( 'Pendulum' or 'Full'), a Tap Tempo function to quickly set a desired tempo, a Beat display offering from 1 - 9 beats and 8 rhythm types, an Earphone jack with adjustable volume and a Memory Backup and auto power off. Battery life supports up to 290 hours of continuous operation.
The MA-1 metronome also offers a 12 steps pitch reference and a calibration setting feature.
The MA-1 shows the beat in an innovative way that makes practicing easier. It uses triangular icons in the display that indicate the specified beat providing a visual cue for when measures will change - a helpful advance over metronomes that provide only an audible beat indication.
Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer / Brand Korg
Accessory Group Tuners & metronomes