Secure Tokens

What is the token system?

The token system allows the customer to register their card on our website to use for future purchases.

This will allow the customer to simply log into our website, select the card they would like to use for the purchase and proceed to the checkout pages.

How does it work?

The shopper will be able to register their card on the Sage Pay system and then use this for future purchases.

SagePay will capture all of your card details on their secure system and provide us with a “token” in place of the card details that we will store on our system.

Then, when processing future transactions we will send them the “token” instead of the customer needing to re-enter their card details for the payment.

The shopper will only need to enter their CV2 value for the card, these are the last three digits on the back of the card, as opposed to the full details when they want to make future purchases

What are the benefits?

Single click checkout - by having the card details stored our customers will not need to constantly enter their information into our site providing a smoother and more enjoyable checkout experience.

No loss of security – because SagePay store the card details on their secure system our customers' information is completely secure.